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FLEA.FLY.FLO.FUN january session! [
Wednesday {January 14th, 2009} 2:49 am
Hello treasure hunting buddies!

It's time to kick in the year with some crazy flavours!
This time, we'll be mashing things a little for more good times.
Flea.Fly.Flo.Fun will be supporting Singapore's band - I Am David Sparkle,
in their benefit show to raise funds as they've been invited to play in USA!

Along side the flea market, there will be bands jamming all day long!
There will be DJ sets running through till 3am as well.
Let's show some love to our local heroes!

All profits from Flea.Fly.Flo.Fun will be going to the band.
(Don't be confused. Whatever you sell is yours to keep. Donations are encouraged!)

Now for the gritty details.

FLEA.FLY.FLO.FUN x I Am David Sparkle Benefit Show

Date/Time: 31st Jan 2009, 2pm - 12mn. (Bands and DJs, 3pm - 3am)
Location: Home Club. 20 Upper Circular Road, B1-01/06, The Riverwalk.
Stall Details: $40, 1.5m X 1.5m space with tables and chairs available.

Stalls are very limited due to the special arrangements for this session.
You may send your payment to POSB Savings 058-49491-7.
Please email us with the transaction reference, with time + date.
Also, please include details of contact person and mobile number.
We'll acknowledge payment and send further details from there.

Cheers to everyone that's been supporting us.
Help us spread some love to our local heroes.

the indie eclec-tric flea market
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Friday {October 24th, 2008} 1:49 am

This weekend,
don't miss it..

The digging will rock you :]

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damn hot can?! [
Monday {May 21st, 2007} 3:43 pm
[ mood | aggravated ]

oh my fuckken goodness.
did anyone realise how warm is it today?
and yesterday and the day before and the day before that day?!
it's not only humid. the intensity of the sun is insane!
i can't bloody stand it. and i'm refusing to switch the a/c on.
bcos of the electricity bill and to support my little bid in helping global warming.
seriously, i can't imagine how i'm gonna survive june, july and august.
plus i bet this year, the cooling and crazy year end rains will be late!

but it's days like this that make me hate being awake in the day.
as much as it feels oh-so-productive, i'm getting very agro thanks to mr. sun.
it doesn't help that i get direct mid-afternoon sun right, blindingly in my face.
so much so that within typing half of this entry, my arm is warm to touch.
and going to the toilet right outside my tiny room and across the 2 footsteps walkway,
makes the sun heat my little plastic chair. so much so that it's warm to sit on.


and i have a job interview at 8pm. weird time but it's ok.
thing is, it'll be great having that job. it's something i've been looking for.
(oh yah, fuzz, i also don't have any interview worthy clothes!)
just that it's the wrong time. i cannot provide the commitment right now.
to be an asst designer full time. how can? not enough time la!
cheebye. now the sun is right smacked on my screen.
i can't see the screen right. FUCK!
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Monday {May 21st, 2007} 1:43 pm
got your stall? ready to rumble?

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Tuesday {May 8th, 2007} 4:59 am
blogger hasn't been working for me. maybe i'll try using IE instead of mozilla.
but i've been so accustomed to mozilla that i'm forgetting the existence of IE!
for now, i found some stills from a friend's friend.

xhin's music was insane.
he made it awesome. oh yes, he did.
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new rule [
Tuesday {May 8th, 2007} 4:43 am
[ mood | contemplative ]

i am going to start a new rule.

# no contact with bad designs.
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i think this is it. [
Tuesday {April 24th, 2007} 4:59 am
[ mood | anxious ]

i'm done, i'm done! wooohoooo!

now the problem is, i've got more than ten looks!
i think i need to re-consider some and throw them out.
which also means, i'll prolly wear one of them at the show.
though i thought of buying a shirtdress to match it up with my scarfs.

or, was that just an excuse to shop?
heh. i just think. it could be a tad tacky.
you know, wearing your own at our own show.
or will i be donning it as a representation of my label?

tell me if what you think bout it!
wear one of my pieces or
get a nice shirtdress (prolly white)
and pair up a scarf from the collection


and to think i was sleepless last night.
thinking i dont have enough!

but now i'm scared of the response.
i'm not exactly too proud of this collection.
and well, i just hope critics will be kind enough.

ps: jiarong! if things are as planned,
i might not be using the pants you like!
so i could be sending them earlier than you think!
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about "playing" [
Friday {April 13th, 2007} 7:32 am
i miss experimenting with new materials. not just in fabric.
but also all the wonderous mediums. watercolour, markers, oil pastels and weird things from art supply stores. something i've been wanting to fiddle with is watercolour markers/pencils. and also whipping out my big box of 100 colour-filled markers!!! but of cos those are the great ol' cheapo ones from the neighbourhood. most of them have been surely drying itself up. whoops!

still, that's definitely a well-spent $5 when i was back in sec 4.
trying to make all my notes pretty and nice to read. you know, like making important points jump at you? but i think it was just overly multi-coloured! in the end, everything was "jumping" at me!!! wah-kaka!

ok. back to the water-colouring. i love how it would just bleed into the paper when you just lightly smear it with your soft brush. sooooooooo magical!!! it's like those magic markers thing sort. i remember how i'd used to keep blending and re-blending till the frigging watercolour paper started to pulp up and peel. yes, that's how fascinated i was!

ok. time's up. back to drafting. where no colours live. gaaah!


p.s.: i'm falling in love with livejournal!
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Friday {April 13th, 2007} 7:25 am

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Tuesday {April 3rd, 2007} 7:09 am

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Monday {April 2nd, 2007} 2:55 pm
[ mood | chipper ]

14th April 2007
Home Club
4pm - 10pm


wha'cha waiting for!
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i did it! [
Sunday {April 1st, 2007} 4:33 pm
i just joined in a UO spree!

oh, fuzz, we're in the same spree. so exciting-exciting!
and there's a fellow spree-er that awesomely gave me advice.
can't believe the amazing kindness! i hope the spree turns out well.
esp since this is the first time for me.
plus mark and sister ordered together with me.

yeay to new clothes!

note to self:
why am i blogging when this account is not for blogging?
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in this day and age. [
Thursday {March 15th, 2007} 5:53 pm
this is just so apt, i need to post it up!
seriously, this goes out to all those blind booboos who either
(a) throw their money all over designer stores blindly OR
(b) follow whatever the magazines say

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Wednesday {January 3rd, 2007} 11:26 pm
[ mood | annoyed ]

somehow this looks decent, no?
problem is, i still enjoy the OS of blogger.
but i love my url (agroundtoplay) here.
and i'm getting bought over by the neat-ness of lj pages.


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