christy (agroundtoplay) wrote,

damn hot can?!

oh my fuckken goodness.
did anyone realise how warm is it today?
and yesterday and the day before and the day before that day?!
it's not only humid. the intensity of the sun is insane!
i can't bloody stand it. and i'm refusing to switch the a/c on.
bcos of the electricity bill and to support my little bid in helping global warming.
seriously, i can't imagine how i'm gonna survive june, july and august.
plus i bet this year, the cooling and crazy year end rains will be late!

but it's days like this that make me hate being awake in the day.
as much as it feels oh-so-productive, i'm getting very agro thanks to mr. sun.
it doesn't help that i get direct mid-afternoon sun right, blindingly in my face.
so much so that within typing half of this entry, my arm is warm to touch.
and going to the toilet right outside my tiny room and across the 2 footsteps walkway,
makes the sun heat my little plastic chair. so much so that it's warm to sit on.


and i have a job interview at 8pm. weird time but it's ok.
thing is, it'll be great having that job. it's something i've been looking for.
(oh yah, fuzz, i also don't have any interview worthy clothes!)
just that it's the wrong time. i cannot provide the commitment right now.
to be an asst designer full time. how can? not enough time la!
cheebye. now the sun is right smacked on my screen.
i can't see the screen right. FUCK!
Tags: weather
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