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i think this is it.

i'm done, i'm done! wooohoooo!

now the problem is, i've got more than ten looks!
i think i need to re-consider some and throw them out.
which also means, i'll prolly wear one of them at the show.
though i thought of buying a shirtdress to match it up with my scarfs.

or, was that just an excuse to shop?
heh. i just think. it could be a tad tacky.
you know, wearing your own at our own show.
or will i be donning it as a representation of my label?

tell me if what you think bout it!
wear one of my pieces or
get a nice shirtdress (prolly white)
and pair up a scarf from the collection


and to think i was sleepless last night.
thinking i dont have enough!

but now i'm scared of the response.
i'm not exactly too proud of this collection.
and well, i just hope critics will be kind enough.

ps: jiarong! if things are as planned,
i might not be using the pants you like!
so i could be sending them earlier than you think!
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