christy (agroundtoplay) wrote,

about "playing"

i miss experimenting with new materials. not just in fabric.
but also all the wonderous mediums. watercolour, markers, oil pastels and weird things from art supply stores. something i've been wanting to fiddle with is watercolour markers/pencils. and also whipping out my big box of 100 colour-filled markers!!! but of cos those are the great ol' cheapo ones from the neighbourhood. most of them have been surely drying itself up. whoops!

still, that's definitely a well-spent $5 when i was back in sec 4.
trying to make all my notes pretty and nice to read. you know, like making important points jump at you? but i think it was just overly multi-coloured! in the end, everything was "jumping" at me!!! wah-kaka!

ok. back to the water-colouring. i love how it would just bleed into the paper when you just lightly smear it with your soft brush. sooooooooo magical!!! it's like those magic markers thing sort. i remember how i'd used to keep blending and re-blending till the frigging watercolour paper started to pulp up and peel. yes, that's how fascinated i was!

ok. time's up. back to drafting. where no colours live. gaaah!


p.s.: i'm falling in love with livejournal!
Tags: art, drawing, experiments
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